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Jimmy F’N Garoppolo Really? Why the Raiders made the right choice.

Jimmy F’N Garoppolo​ Really? Why the Raiders made the right choice.

The Raiders wasted no time during the first day of NFL free agency, quickly addressing their most pressing need and securing a short-term solution for their quarterback situation. In just under two hours, they inked a three-year deal with free agent Jimmy Garoppolo, who had previously led the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance and two NFC championship games over his six seasons with the team. Garoppolo steps in to fill the shoes of former Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, who had fallen out of favor and was eventually released. At 31 years old, Garoppolo’s contract is far more affordable than Carr’s, with $45 million guaranteed over two years at just over $22 million per season, compared to Carr’s $33 million due in 2023 and $73 million over the next two years.

Undoubtedly, Garoppolo and head coach Josh McDaniels share a history, having worked together as offensive coordinator and quarterback during their tenure in New England. This established rapport could prove beneficial for the Raiders if Garoppolo stays fit. Though he is not an improvement over Carr he is the best option for this regime. He is their homegrown guy that knows the system and has played well in this system. The primary concern is his endurance. If he remains healthy, Garoppolo could propel the Raiders into the playoff mix in the AFC. Additionally, the Raiders’ short-term contract with Garoppolo creates the possibility for them to draft and cultivate a quarterback behind him – a prospect that is certainly intriguing given Las Vegas’ position with the seventh pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

In February, Derek Carr was let go by the Las Vegas Raiders, leaving the team in a state of uncertainty regarding their future quarterback. However, clarity was suddenly brought to the situation withThis news was quickly followed by the announcement that Jarrett Stidham had joined the Denver Broncos as a backup to Russell Wilson.

Fans were left disappointed as the move fell short of their blockbuster expectations. Despite Derek Carr’s shortcomings, his exceptional physical abilities as a quarterback and impressive durability surpass those of Jimmy Garoppolo. Throughout Garoppolo’s nine seasons in the NFL, he has only managed to play in ten or more games for three seasons.

Defense Defense Defense !

When a defense allows an average of 365.6 yards per game (ranking 28th), 242.9 passing yards per game (ranking 29th), and 24.6 points per game (ranking 26th), high turnover is inevitable. The Raiders lacked the ability to create game-changing moments, ranking last in interception rate with a mere 1.02% and 30th in sack rate with 4.58%. In the competitive AFC West, where quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert reign supreme, Las Vegas cannot afford to put up such disappointing numbers and hope to succeed.

David Ziegler and Marc Davis

Just Build Baby….

The raiders organization has been in purgatory over the better part of a decade. In the wake of losing Al Davis, the team was in financial ruin and the roster was depleted by year’s of bad decisions.This might be the first time the raiders have the money cap space and organizational structure to succeed, the question is do we have the right people for the job and are we patient enough to allow it to happen? the raider’s patchwork defense and failed offensive philosophy have been a recurring theme. Raider nation has been focused on an offensive mindset as a fan base.Hall of Fame Quarterbacks are almost impossible to draft and overcome when one is in your division. The only sure strategy to beating one is to build a better roster and championship defense.The raiders have a rare chance to build a complete team without an oppressive cap hit from the quarterback position. Did I want Aaron Rodgers YES! Conversely, do I think this move is a death sentence absolutely not. I am going to give Josh McDaniel and David Ziegler the chance to right the ship until we see otherwise.We watched Jon Gruden trade away Khalil Mack and draft failed draft pick after failed draft pick. Time to give this organization the same latitude we once gave two television analysts.



  1. Top Beatz

    March 14, 2023 at 10:21 am

    Well written however signing Jimmy G as our bridge QB without retaining Stidham will, I predict prove to be a costly mistake.

    By the way, Jarrett Stidham is a far better QB than most Raider Fans & Raider personnel ever gave him credit for. Certainly better than your Mike White comparison.

  2. Top Beatz

    March 19, 2023 at 4:35 am

    Although I wasn’t on board with this acquisition initially, especially when I realized Stidham was no longer on the team. I believe this quarterback can be the launch board of re-establishing a winning mindset within the team moving forward.

    The most obvious concern is Jimmy G’s durability. Especially with an offensive line that isn’t as well established at protecting the QB as the 49ers. However, in spite of those concerns I still believe with Jimmy at the helm, the Raiders will win more games and field a far more competitive team than last year.

    As they say… progress not perfection is the goal in life. Let’s all hope the 2023/24 roster exemplifies that mind set going forward.

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