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Should The Raiders move up To Take Bryce Young?

Bryce Young is considered one of the most talented quarterbacks in college football and is expected to have a successful career in the NFL. Young was A backup to Mac Jones in Alabama’s championship as a true freshman and has continued to impress with his arm talent, mobility, and football IQ. If the Raiders were to select Young in the 2023 NFL Draft, they would be getting a player with the potential to be a franchise quarterback for years to come. It remains to be seen if either team will ultimately select Young, but these meetings suggest that he is on their radar.

Following their decision to part ways with Derek Carr, the Raiders are actively seeking a permanent quarterback solution. While Jimmy Garoppolo was brought in through free agency, the acquisition of a promising rookie could cement the position for the foreseeable future.

Although it appears doubtful that Young will fall to the seventh spot, the Raiders are exploring the possibility of selecting him as their quarterback. If they believe he has the potential to become a standout player, Las Vegas may consider trading up to secure a higher draft pick.

2022 Statistics

— 12 GM, 245-380 (64.5%), 3,328 YDS, 8.8 Y/A, 32 TD, 5 INT, 49 ATT, 185 YDS (3.8 AVG), 4 TD

Tale of the tape

  • HEIGHT: 5’10”
  • WEIGHT: 204
  • HAND: 9 3/4
  • ARM: 30 1/2″
  • 3-CONE: TBD
Via AZ film Room

Scouting report-Pros

  • A highly respected leader with exceptional football IQ, this player’s
  • Young’s ability to rally his team from behind is impressive . His presence in the huddle is reminiscent of the great Joe Montana.
  • Played in a pro-style under Bill O’brien. an attack that required full-field reads.
  • Shows ability to dial up focus in big fourth quarter situations.
  • Unlike the typical critique of Alabama quarterbacks, who are often credited with impressive stats solely due to the elite talent around them, Young can’t be accused of the same. Despite losing his two top receivers to the ’22 draft, he still managed to produce an elite season in ’22 that was comparable to his previous year. Young’s confidence as a passer is evident, and he displays excellent accuracy and rhythm on the field. His ball placement has only improved over the years, and he consistently delivers catchable passes.
  • Uses eyes to look off defenders to create easier throws.
  • Detects and evades lurking defenders while in zone coverage.
  • Good tempo in the and time management in the pocket with a compact release as thrower.
  • Without being intimidated by the approaching rush, he maintains his composure and commits himself to the delivery of the football.
Young vs Georgia

Scouting Report-Cons

  • Although Young doesn’t fit the mold of a prototypical professional quarterback due to his undersized stature, some may still have concerns about his potential to sustain injuries at the next level.
  • Bryce Young, has already been sidelined this year due to a shoulder injury, which may make some teams hesitant to consider him. This history of injury could be viewed as a potential risk to availability in the future.
  • While Bryce Young is still able to generate enough power on most of his throws, his arm strength is not considered elite as he does not possess a cannon-like arm. This lack of overwhelming arm strength may be viewed as a limitation, but he is still able to make accurate and effective throws.
  • One potential weakness of Bryce Young’s game is that he can occasionally fall into the trap of trying to do too much as an improviser. While his ability to make plays on the fly is impressive, there may be times where he takes unnecessary risks or overcomplicates things. This could lead to turn overs or missed opportunities to make the

Bryce Young’s height was a major story during the combine, as he measured in at only 5-10, two inches shorter than what had been previously listed. This may exacerbate concerns among some teams about his ability to physically withstand the demands of the professional game. The perception that he may be too small could hurt his stock in the eyes of certain organizations.

NFL Combine Bryce Young

The answer Is…

Yes, it all comes down to the Raiders’ evaluation of Young and their willingness to pay the price to move up in the draft to secure him. If they believe that he is a franchise quarterback and a potential cornerstone of their team for years to come, they may be willing to give up a lot to get him. However, it’s important to note that trading up in the draft is always a risky proposition, as it can be difficult to predict how prospects will perform at the next level. The Raiders will need to weigh the potential rewards against the risks. I think the risk is too great to acquire Young. The Quarterback tax is a reality when moving up. Unless a small miracle happens for the Raiders I don’t see young being a real option at the 7th pick. The reoccurring theme with Bryce Young is lack of size and let’s be real size matters! The Raiders must get this pick right and the risk of drafting an often injured under sized mobile QB is too high of a risk. Moving from 7 to 2 will be a price the raiders shouldn’t be willing to pay for a team with this many holes and a capable free-agent starter. The fact remains young is a great college QB who might be a good NFL QB but he should be a can’t-miss for the raiders to mortgage the farm for one player.



  1. sirtinman727

    March 26, 2023 at 2:09 pm

    Nah, I don’t think we should. I prefer they trade back for more draft capital!

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