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Las Vegas Raiders News and Rumors:Cardinals Pro Bowl safety Budda Baker Requests trade

The news that Budda Baker has requested a trade from the Arizona Cardinals is significant, as he is widely considered one of the best defenders in the NFL. This development suggests that Baker might be on his way out of Arizona as he has expressed a desire to be either traded or receive a new deal that would make him the league’s highest-paid safety.

  • Baker spent the first six seasons of his career with the Cardinals.
  • The 27-year-old is a five-time Pro Bowler and two-time First-team All-Pro.
  • Arizona went 4-13 in 2022, finishing fourth in the NFC West.

It remains to be seen whether the Cardinals will grant Baker’s trade request or work to negotiate a new deal.However, if Baker were to be traded, he would definitely generate major interest from teams around the league, given his elite talent and impressive track record in the NFL.

Are The Raiders In The Mix For Budda Baker?

Baker’s request for a new contract is understandable given his accomplishments on the field, which include two All-Pro honors and five Pro Bowl selections. However, the Cardinals may be hesitant to commit to such a large contract extension, as Baker still has two years remaining on his current deal and is set to make over $13 million in 2023 and $14.2 million in 2024. Baker’s contact currently would be an issue for the Raiders Yep team has $2,443,757 left in cap space with and incoming draft class and the Josh Jacob contract situation looming.

It’s certainly possible that the Raiders could explore the idea of trading for Budda Baker, given their need for an upgrade at the safety position and Baker’s status as one of the top players at his position in the NFL.

Does A Trade For Baker Make Sense For The Raiders?

Acquiring a player like Baker would provide an immediate boost to the Raiders’ defense. He’s a versatile safety who can play in the box, cover slot receivers, and roam deep as a free safety. His ability to make plays on the ball, tackle in space, and blitz from the edge would be a valuable addition to Patrick Graham’s defensive scheme given the premium that Graham puts on versatility

If the Raiders were able to acquire Baker, he would be a significant addition to their defense, bringing Pro Bowl talent and veteran leadership to the team. Additionally, as you noted, the 2023 safety draft class is expected to be weak, so acquiring Baker through a trade could be the best way for the Raiders to upgrade that position.


cap room could be an issue for the Raiders, as they already have a number of high-priced players on their roster. However, it’s worth noting that the team has made some moves in the last few seasons to free up cap space, including releasing veteran players and restructuring contracts.

However, as mentioned earlier, Baker’s contract could be a hurdle for the Raiders. They would need to have enough cap space to take on his contract or be willing to give up significant draft capital to acquire him in a trade. Additionally, the Raiders may not want to give up too much of their draft capital as they are in the midst of a rebuild and need to continue to add young talent to their roster.

If the price is right, though, the Raiders should consider making a move for Baker. He would be a major upgrade to their secondary. Of course, a trade for Baker would likely require the Raiders to give up significant assets, as stated before such as high draft picks or proven players, and any move would need to be carefully considered in terms of its impact on the team’s overall philosophy and salary cap situation. However, if the Raiders believe that Baker is the missing piece that could help them compete for a playoff spot and help elevate the defense out of the basement of the league, they may be willing to make a bold move to acquire him. and could help them get back to the playoffs in a tough AFC West division

Will Ziegler make a “Raider Ass Move”?

If Ziegler and McDaniels are committed to building the team through young players, then they will need to stick to that philosophy and continue to prioritize the development of their young talent. This may mean resisting the temptation to make big moves in free agency or via trade, and instead focusing on drafting and developing talent internally.This is way I don’t see the Raiders making a move like this in the beginning of their “Rebuild” but moves like this we’re a staple of the Al Davis-era Raiders. Would I like a player like Budda Baker on the Raiders roster absolutely do I see at a likely move for this regime I would say no.

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