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Jon Gruden Files Response to NFL’s Appeal

The NFL has asked the court to compel Gruden into arbitration, arguing that his employment contract with the Raiders required him to resolve any disputes through arbitration. Hosmer-Henner’s argument is that the NFL cannot force Gruden into arbitration overseen by Goodell, who has a clear bias against him.

“It would be preposterous for the NFL to continue to insist that Commissioner Goodell maintained any authority over him,”

Hosmer-Henner’s argument is that Goodell cannot be an impartial arbitrator in Gruden’s case because he was intimately involved in the events that led to Gruden’s resignation. Gruden was forced to resign in October 2021 after emails surfaced revealing he had made racist, sexist, and homophobic comments. Gruden is now suing the NFL, alleging that the league leaked the emails and that he was forced to resign as a result.

Gruden and Hosmer-Henner

“If the Commissioner physically assaulted an individual who played football decades ago, the Commissioner could still compel arbitration of that individual’s civil claims on the same theories the NFL Parties present now,” Gruden’s attorney Adam Hosmer-Henner wrote in a Nevada State Supreme Court filing on Thursday.

The NFL has not responded publicly to Hosmer-Henner’s filing. The case is still ongoing in Nevada State Supreme Court.

Gruden sued the NFL seeking the balance of his 10-year, $100 million contract he signed in 2018.

Jon Gruden

Gruden’s lawsuit against the NFL is based on the allegation that the league leaked the emails to the media in an effort to force him out of his job. He argues that the NFL violated his privacy rights and defamed him by leaking the emails, and that he is entitled to compensation as a result.

The case has been closely watched by legal experts, as it raises important questions about the scope of the NFL’s authority over its coaches and the limits of arbitration clauses in employment contracts. If the court rules in Gruden’s favor, it could have significant implications for other coaches and employees in the league who are subject to similar contracts.

The case is set to continue in Nevada State Supreme Court, with no clear timeline for a resolution.

Nancy Allf

“The emails were sent before he signed the contract [to become the Raiders’ head coach],” Allf said.

The NFL’s notice of appeal means that the case will now be heard by a higher court. However, the stay issued by the Nevada State Supreme Court means that the case will be put on hold until a decision is made on whether to uphold or overturn Allf’s ruling.District Court Judge Nancy Allf has twice ruled against the NFL’s attempts to dismiss the lawsuit or require arbitration.

The outcome of the appeal will determine whether Gruden’s case against the NFL can proceed in court or whether it will be resolved through private arbitration. The case has already had significant implications for the NFL, as it has shed light on the use of offensive language and the potential for leaks within the league.

It remains to be seen how the Nevada State Supreme Court will rule on the case, but it is clear that the outcome will have important implications for the NFL and for coaches like Gruden who are seeking to hold the league accountable for its actions.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Timothy Herring

    April 23, 2023 at 11:24 am

    Who among us is without sin? This is wrong in so many ways. I hope he gets justice against the so called commissioner. The protector of the people of color. Give me a break. This comish has done more damage to the league then any other in any sport ever. But he continues to stand at that podium with his phony Halo acting like a Saint.

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