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Operation Tear Down:Is CJ Stroud’s NFL draft stock falling ?

Stroud’s success at Ohio State has made him a highly sought-after NFL prospect. He has been projected as a first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, and is considered one of the top quarterback prospects in the country. With his combination of arm talent, athleticism, and poise under pressure, Stroud has all the tools to succeed at the next level.

CJ Stroud’s helped lead the Buckeyes to a Big Ten Championship and a College Football Playoff appearance in 2021 and followed that up with another outstanding season in 2022. He leaves a lasting legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks in Ohio State history, despite being considered a top 2 QB for most of the pre-draft process.what is the reason we’re all of the sudden hearing negative stories about Stroud?

The media could of had CJ Stroud too high on their boards?

Recent mock drafts have shown that Stroud is no longer considered the top overall pick in the NFL Draft, and the Carolina Panthers are rumored to be in the Bryce Young business and are primed to select him. Regardless, Stroud is still considered to be one of the top prospects in the draft. But recently There are rumors the Houston Texans, the owner of the No. 2, aren’t considering taking a quarterback. Is there substance to this “Draft slide”?

S2 Cognition test Flop?

  • S2 Cognition test results per @BobMcGinn:
  • Bryce Young – 98%
  • Jake Haener – 96%
  • Will Levis – 93%
  • Jaren Hall – 93%
  • Clayton Tune – 84%
  • Anthony Richardson – 79%
  • Hendon Hooker – 46%
  • CJ Stroud – 18%

An NFL executive said: “If you get a high score as a quarterback it’s not saying you’re going to be a great player. But if you get a low score, it’s 100% — none of the quarterbacks that got a low score became good players.”

What Is The S2

The S2 cognition test is a sports science that evaluates cognitive abilities in game situations so that players understand the level of their instincts. Anticipation, reading, reacting, and adapting to the game are now measurable skills

“Stroud scored 18,” the executive told. “That is like red alert, red alert, you can’t take a guy like that. That is why I have Stroud as a bust. That in conjunction with the fact, name one Ohio State quarterback that’s ever done it in the league.”

Anonymous NFL GM

Smoke Screen?

Every year NFL GMs send out false narratives for players to fall into their team perspective laps. Opinions on Stroud in particular has become harder to get a clear read on , thanks to a poor performance on the S2. test .But could all of the CJ reports be fake news?The “ he isn’t as coachable or easy to work with”from Mike Lombardi or Brady Quinn’s Manning passing academy hit job

Mike Lombardi former GM

“I’ve been told that he committed to [the Manning Passing Academy] the night before, [and] just kind of ghosted them, didn’t show up,” Quinn said on his Pick Six Podcast. “That’s football royalty. And when you do that, that’s going to set off some alarms for people like, ‘Hey, man, that’s not how you conduct yourself, especially around the Manning family, or just in general if you’re going to be a franchise quarterback.”

Brady Quinn
Brady Quinn

The Manning Passing Academy college quarterbacks serve as counselors and work with high school players. Stroud was initially listed as a counselor for this year’s event, but later withdrew due to a scheduling conflict.

While it’s unclear if Stroud’s absence from the Manning Passing Academy has any impact on his draft stock, it’s worth noting that many top quarterbacks in recent years have participated in the event, including Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Joe Burrow.

Stop the cap:Ryan Clark fires back at Brady Quinn’s concerns around Ohio State QB

Ryan Clark, a former NFL safety and current ESPN analyst, took issue with Quinn’s statement and defended Stroud on Twitter. “This is a flat-out lie,” Clark tweeted. “It’s crazy how people will just make stuff up to try and tear a kid down.”

“CJ Stroud never committed to attend the Manning camp,” Clark tweeted. “He chose to work with his teammates at [Ohio State] instead before his final season. He wasn’t paid to go, & furthermore [Brady Quinn] . . . what does acquiescing to the Manning family have to do with leading an organization?”

Ryan Clark of ESPN

Both of those scenarios are certainly possible. It’s not uncommon for the media and draft analysts to overvalue certain players, only to see them fall down NFL teams’ draft boards as they conduct more in-depth evaluations.

Additionally, NFL teams are known for playing mind games in the lead-up to the draft, leaking false information and sending mixed signals to throw other teams off their scent. It’s possible that Stroud’s perceived drop in stock is just a smokescreen designed to make other teams think he’s not as highly valued as he actually is.

Ultimately, we won’t know for sure until draft day arrives and the picks start coming off the board. Until then, all we can do is speculate and try to read the tea leaves as best we can. This CJ Stoud news is reminiscent of The Ugly Narratives Surrounding Justin Fields’s Tumbling Draft Stock in 2021. Selfishly I would like CJ Stoud to fall into the Raider’s lap at number 7 but there is something wrong with media types being fed propaganda to shape the future of young men.

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