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Amari Burney: A Closer Look at the Raiders’ Rookie Linebacker

As a fifth-year senior linebacker for the Gators, Amari Burney has proven his worth on the field. Following his freshman season in 2018, Burney underwent a transformation from defensive back to linebacker. Since then, he has displayed an impressive range of skills as an athletic and versatile player, capable of making crucial tackles from sideline to sideline. His versatility was on full display during the 2022 season, where he posted his most productive year to date. With 79 tackles, four sacks, two forced fumbles, and two interceptions, Burney consistently made game-changing plays in every aspect of the game.


Burney has the potential to develop into a solid outside linebacker at the next level. His athleticism, instincts, and versatility make him a valuable asset to any defense. With continued development and improvement in his strength and technique, Burney could become a disruptive force as a pass rusher and a reliable defender against the run

In addition to his skills in run defense, Burney is also a capable pass defender .He is comfortable dropping into coverage and has the agility and quickness to mirror tight ends and running backs in man-to-man situations. He also has the instincts to read the quarterback’s eyes and jump routes, as evidenced by his two interceptions in the 2022 season.

In pass coverage, Burney shows good awareness and instincts. He has the ability to read the quarterback’s eyes and react quickly to make a play on the ball. Burney is comfortable dropping back into coverage and has the quickness and agility to stay with tight ends and running backs in man-to-man situations. He also has good ball skills. But burner must continue to develop in pass coverage he has the ability and shows flashes but must be better at the next level .

Areas For Improvement

One area where Burney could improve is his strength and physicality. While he has good length and agility, he can struggle at times to disengage from blockers and make tackles in traffic. Additionally, he will need to continue to refine his technique as a pass rusher, particularly in terms of his hand usage and counter moves.

Another area where Burney could improve is his consistency in shedding blocks. At times, he can get caught up in traffic and struggle to disengage from blockers, which can limit his impact on the play. However, he has shown improvement in this area over the course of his career and has the physical tools to continue to develop in this aspect of his game.

Overall, Amari Burney is a versatile and productive linebacker who has proven himself to be a key contributor on the Florida defense. With his combination of athleticism, instincts, and physicality, he has the potential to continue to make an impact at the next level.

  • Top Reasons to Buy In:
  • Positional versatility 
  • Experience  
  • Position instincts
  • Top Reasons For Concern: 
  • Block deconstruction 
  • Man-to-man coverage







Will Amari Burney succeed in Patrick Graham’s system?

This is an important question to keep in mind when evaluating Burney’s potential fit in the Raiders defense. It suggests that Graham may not prioritize traditional linebackers in his scheme and may instead opt for more hybrid players who can play multiple positions. Burney’s versatility as a pass rusher and coverage defender could make him a good fit in this type of system, as he has the ability to play both as an outside linebacker and as a nickel or dime back. However, it also suggests that Burney may not see a significant amount of playing time in his rookie season, as Graham may prefer to use him in a rotational role rather than as a full-time starter.

Patrick Graham’s defensive system emphasizes versatility and adaptability, so he prefers linebackers who can play multiple roles. Specifically, he values linebackers who can rush the passer, cover in space, and stop the run. In terms of size, Graham has shown a preference for linebackers who are around 6-foot-2 and 240 pounds, but he has also utilized smaller and larger players in his system as well.

One of the key traits that Graham values in his linebackers is their ability to play in different positions and formations. This means that the linebackers in his system must be able to line up on the edge of the defense and rush the passer as well as drop back into coverage and defend running backs and tight ends. They should also be able to play in different alignments, including the base 3-4, nickel and dime packages.

Graham values versatility, athleticism, and football IQ in his linebackers, with a focus on players who can contribute in multiple ways and adapt to different situations.Amari Burney is that exact archetype which means I see big thing ahead for Burney in this defense.

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