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Why Dylan Parham is Poised to Break Out for the Raiders

Thrown into the starting lineup in his rookie year, Parham faced the challenge of adapting to various positions on Las Vegas’ offensive line. Despite spending the majority of his snaps at left guard, Parham showcased versatility by also filling in at center and right guard when needed, accumulating 789, 137, and 110 snaps, respectively, according to Pro Football Focus.

In order for Parham to unlock his full potential, it is crucial for him to find stability in one position. The Raiders’ current depth chart has designated Parham as the left guard, alongside Andre James at center and Alex Bars at right guard. By allowing Parham to solely concentrate on his primary role, we can anticipate significant growth and progress. It is imperative for him to maintain consistency as a pass protector, as this skill is vital for his development.

Scouting Report

Dylan Parham’s extensive experience as a four-year starter in Memphis’ spread, RPO-heavy, multiple-run scheme has prepared him well for the transition to the NFL. With 51 career starts, Parham has demonstrated his versatility by playing at right tackle and both guard spots.

Despite being a smaller guard, Parham possesses a muscular and lean build with a strong base. This allows him to showcase excellent mobility in his lower half, enabling him to bend and get underneath defenders while triple extending at the point of attack. His core strength also allows him to effectively dig out, strain, and displace defensive linemen on angle-drive and down blocks.

Parham’s athletic ability is another asset, as he exhibits quickness, balance, and body control in open space. This enables him to excel on screens, pulls, and climbs, where he can line up and connect with smaller targets with impressive accuracy.

Center of the Future ?

The Raiders coaching staff values versatility among their offensive linemen, and while they want every player to be able to play multiple positions, it appears that James is the clear favorite for the starting center role once again. As a result, Parham is expected to take on one of the guard spots, primarily at left guard, for the upcoming season.

Despite Dylan Parham‘s potential as a starting center, it seems that Andre James has solidified his position as the incumbent pivot for the Las Vegas Raiders. James, an undrafted free agent out of UCLA, made a successful transition from tackle to center and impressed both the previous and current coaching staff.

James’ consistent performance as a starter in the past two seasons, with 17 starts in 2021 and 15 starts in the most recent season, has earned him the trust and confidence of the coaching staff. Although Parham received opportunities at center during the preseason and regular season, James’ strong performances ultimately secured his position as the team’s starting center.

While this may be a temporary setback for Parham’s original plans to become the starting center, it provides him with an opportunity to gain valuable experience at guard. By showcasing his skills and versatility at this position, Parham can continue to develop and contribute to the team’s success while waiting for his chance to take on the center role in the future.

Projection For 2023

In the upcoming 2023 season, the Raiders can prioritize Dylan Parham’s development as a guard while keeping an eye on his potential to become the long-term starting center. At just 23 years old, Parham has plenty of time to continue honing his skills and gaining experience at the guard position.

By focusing on solidifying Parham’s role as a guard, the Raiders can maximize his potential and contribute to the overall success of the offensive line. This strategy allows Parham to grow and develop as a player while also providing the team with depth and versatility along the offensive line.

Parham By the Numbers

Parham struggled in pass protection, with his 44.6 pass-blocking grade ranking 23rd among the 25 players who played at least 400 pass-block snaps from the left guard position.

He also surrendered pressure on 10.8% of his snaps, the highest rate at the position. On the bright side, his 64.9 run-blocking grade ranked eighth among left guards, while his 14.2% positively graded block rate was tied for sixth.”

Parham’s position as the team’s starting left guard for the upcoming 2023 season is justified by the glimpses of growth he displayed. However, if the Raiders aspire to enhance their offensive performance, it is imperative for him to strive for greater consistency and refine his pass-blocking abilities.

While Parham handled these position changes admirably given his limited experience, it inevitably led to some struggles common among rookies. PFF credits him with allowing 6.0 sacks, 55 pressures, and nine additional hits on the quarterback. Additionally, Parham was flagged for five penalties. His performance resulted in a pass-blocking grade of 48.8, a run-blocking grade of 66.9, and an overall grade of 61.9.

Despite the challenges he faced, Parham’s ability to adapt and contribute across multiple positions highlights his potential for growth and improvement. With a more settled role, Parham has the opportunity to refine his skills and become a more consistent and reliable player for the Raiders’ offensive line.

Will 2023 be a year that will define Parham’s career ?

Parham‘s development as a guard in the 2023 campaign will be crucial in preparing him for the potential transition to center. If the Raiders choose not to bring back James, Parham’s experience and growth at guard will serve as valuable preparation for him to step into the pivot position.Reps of any kind is crutial for the devolpement of a young player.

While there are still uncertainties about James’ future with the team, the Raiders can rely on Parham’s potential and ability to fill the center role if needed. The coaching staff will surely continue to monitor Parham’s progress throughout the season to determine if he is ready to take over the starting center position in the future Ultimately, the Raiders’ decision on James’ contract and Parham’s development will shape the direction of their offensive line in the coming year.Which makes the raiders approach a huge reason i have parham breaking out this year.

By the Raiders patiently grooming Parham for the pivot to possibly moving center, the Raiders can ensure a smooth transition when the time comes for him to take over as the long-term starter. This approach allows the team to benefit from both James’ experience and Parham’s potential, ultimately strengthening the offensive line. the upcoming season will likely provide clarity regarding the Raiders’ future on the offensive line. With Andre James’ contract set to expire after this season, the team will have to make a decision about his future. If James is not re-signed or extended, Dylan Parham appears to be the frontrunner to take over the center position. Parham’s skill set suggests that he has the potential to be a valuable asset on the offensive line. His experience, mobility, and athleticism make him a promising candidate to fill the center position if the Raiders choose not to bring back Andre James in 2024. Parham is the offensive line breakout player this year because quite frankly his to versatile and important to the future of the Raiders at two key positions. Whether he’s playing guard for his career or center look for Parham to round into a high-end starter and borderline pro bowl player under the watchful eye of Carmen Bricillo and Josh Mcdaniel, the track record for developing offensive lineman over the years speaks for itself and Parham has all the god given tools to be special for the Raiders in the coming years.

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1 Comment

  1. Top Beatz

    July 10, 2023 at 6:23 pm

    Let’s hope you’re right, I’m not so certain your predictions on his play this season will pan out if McDaniels starts to move offensive linemen around like he did last season.

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