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Tyree Wilson is still out is it Time To Panic?

When the Las Vegas Raiders were gearing up for training camp ahead of the 2023 season, their first-round pick, Tyree Wilson, found himself unable to participate. The talented pass rusher was recently placed on the non-football injury list, as reported by the league’s transaction wire.

Wilson, who was chosen as the seventh overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, hails from Texas Tech. Unfortunately, his journey to the NFL has been marred by a foot injury sustained in November, resulting in his absence for the remainder of the 2022 college football season. In March, Wilson underwent a subsequent procedure to remove hardware from the initial surgery, causing him to miss out on participating in the Red Raiders’ pro day workout.

Tyree Wilson remains absent as the Las Vegas Raiders progress into the third week of training camp. Wilson, who was selected as the seventh overall pick in this year’s draft, was placed on the Raiders’ non-football injury list in late July. According to Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, this move was anticipated due to Wilson’s injury during his time at Texas Tech last year.

During his final year as a Red Raider, Wilson suffered a foot injury in November, leading to season-ending surgery shortly after. However, on Sunday, Raiders coach Josh McDaniels provided an update on the situation, expressing no major concern about Wilson missing the entire season. When asked about Wilson’s readiness for the start of the season, McDaniels expressed his hopefulness.

“Once he is fully prepared, he will be back on the field. There have been no indications that this won’t happen.”

Josh McDaniels

The information regarding Wilson’s injury and recovery timeline raised huge concerns about his availability and long-term health. The fact that he did not work out at the NFL Draft Combine or his Pro Day due to a setback in his recovery was certainly a red flag. Additionally, the uncertainty surrounding the removal of hardware and the healing process of his foot added to the overall concern. While it is possible that he has fully recovered and is ready for the upcoming season, the trajectory of his recovery thus far does warrant caution and further concern almost panic .

Developing Tyree Wilson A Challenge?

Given his lack of refinement as an edge rusher, the fact that he is missing out on these valuable practice sessions during training camp is a significant concern! Despite being a four-year player, Tyree still had some raw aspects to his game, which could be seen as a red flag. Furthermore, the injury Wilson sustained will likely compound the delay to his development, making the wait for him to reach his potential feel like waiting for a delayed flight . It’s always a risk to invest in a player who may not live up to expectations, and in this case, the uncertainty surrounding Tyree’s future does add to that risk exponentially. Adding to this situation is the Raiders lack of success in the draft. The patriot way was supposed to end the early-round mistakes of previous regimes but the Wilson pick has DJ Hayden written all over it. Josh Mcdaniel and Dave Zigler are now going to be held 100% accountable for the deficiency of this roster going forward .The built-in excuse of Gruden and Mayock’s follies has now been removed with the new-look Raiders possibly drafting their very own early-round bust.

Same Old Raiders ?

The Tyree Wilson situation is a unique situation to navigate as a raider fan. Because the potential of Wilson his pure measurables are off the charts conversely so we’re Jalen Carter “cough cough”.

While I didn’t share the same level of enthusiasm for Tyree as many analysts did, I couldn’t overlook the evident areas of improvement in his skill set. I believed that teaming him up with Jones and Crosby would provide him with the perfect environment to foster his development. So there is sound logic in the selection of Wilson and hopefully, in the near future, the consensus will be that it was the right move. But I can’t help but feel as an organization and for the collective PTSD of the fan base we needed Zeigler and Mcdaniels to knock the first-round pick out of the park and the fact that the jury is still out on the health of Wilson after almost a year is troublesome, to say the least. We can take a measured approach to how we view this extended injury timeline. Or we can all just admit that this situation gets more troublesome by the minute.

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