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Raiders Training Camp: Thayer Munford Jr Starting Right Tackle Book It!

Thayer Munford’s collegiate career at Ohio State was extremely impressive gaining a high level of experience as an offensive lineman starting from 2018 to 2021. He began his career as a tackle and transitioned to the left guard spot for his final season in 2021. Being a four-year starter at a Bue Blood college football program like Ohio State. Standing at 6’6″, 320 pounds, he’s an immense human being with a wide reach. That elite size is a big part of what makes his game so fascinating.

Munford had the opportunity to enter the 2021 NFL Draft as a true senior but made the surprising decision to return to school for another year. Despite receiving an invite to the Senior Bowl and potentially commanding middle-round interest, Munford believed that one final year at Ohio State could boost his draft stock and close out his college career this decision proved costly for Mumford.

Selected by Las Vegas Raiders in the seventh round (238th overall) of the 2022 NFL Draft, April 30, 2022.Mumford fell down the draft board and the Raiders snatched him up and it looking like Mumford might be one of the biggest steals in our recent history . Mumford is currently pushing for a starting role for the 2023 season.

Is Thayer Munford Jr Taking Eluemunor Spot?

While Jermaine Eluemunor had a solid season at right tackle last year, there is always a possibility that second-year player could challenge him and actually win the starting job during training camp. Competition is a common circumstance in the NFL, and teams are constantly looking to improve their roster.

All signs point to the Raiders having a promising second-year player in Thayer Mumford who could potentially overtake Eluemunor for the starting right tackle spot, If Mumford outperforms Eluemunor during training camp and preseason games there is a real possibility he may earn the starting role.

Are Mumford and Eluemunor Both Starting?

The fact that Thayer Munford Jr. has been getting reps as the starting right tackle during 11-on-11 workouts is indeed a significant development. It suggests that Munford has impressed the coaching staff and has potentially outperformed Jermaine Eluemunor in those practice sessions.

While it may be seen as a bad sign for Eluemunor, it’s important to remember that training camp is a time for competition and evaluation. Coaches often use this period to test different lineups and assess players’ performance in different roles. Just because Munford has been given the opportunity to start in practice doesn’t necessarily mean that Eluemunor has lost his chance at the starting job.

The coaching staff will continue to evaluate both players throughout training camp, taking into account their performance in practice, and preseason games, and how well they fit into the team’s offensive scheme. It’s possible that Eluemunor could still reclaim the starting role if he demonstrates improvement or outperforms Munford in the coming weeks. The situation remains fluid, and the final decision will ultimately be based on the coaching staff’s assessment of each player’s abilities and potential impact on the offensive line.

On the other hand, Jermaine Eluemunor’s previous role as a journeyman offensive tackle indicates that he was initially brought in to provide depth to the Raiders’ offensive line. With Munford’s rise, it’s possible that Eluemunor could revert to a similar role in the 2023 season. This would mean that Munford has solidified himself as the starting right tackle, leaving Eluemunor as a valuable backup option.

Considering Eluemunor’s versatility and experience, it would be wise to utilize him. I see the Raiders potentially transitioning him to guard. His leadership qualities and consistent play make him a must-start because he is simply too valuable to sit on the bench. It is also worth noting that Eluemunor has a deep understanding of the McDaniels system, adding to his value. However, if Munford continues to outshine Eluemunor in performance, he should rightfully earn the starting spot at right tackle.

Starters Mentality!

The 23-year-old lineman was recently asked about his experience with first-year team reps and whether he feels like he’s moving closer to securing a spot in the starting lineup. His response spoke volumes, he confidently stated, “Yes, I believe I am. However, it’s important to acknowledge the fierce competition we have within our team.” Munford emphasized that every day is a chance to prove oneself and mentioned the daunting task of going up against the talented Maxx Crosby. He acknowledged that it can be challenging, but also expressed a level of familiarity and confidence, saying, “Facing Maxx [Crosby] is undoubtedly tough, but we’re well aware of his abilities. We confront him every day, so it’s nothing new to us.”

“I take the mental thing a lot more serious than others because last year I was in a dark place by like Week 6 because it was just a lot for me. So me taking the time, giving everything to God, taking my time to God, that actually like helped me push through the day. It helps out a lot.”

Thayer Mumford Jr

However, it’s important to note that the situation is fluid and subject to change. Eluemunor could still make a push for the starting role or showcase his versatility in other positions along the offensive line. Such as right guard the coaching staff will continue to evaluate both players throughout training camp and preseason. But Mumford’s mindset change is a pivotal piece of his push to start .Many reports close to the team have noticed how much different Mumford looked and sounded.

My Prediction

Thayer Munford‘s ability to see the field consistently in his rookie season is an encouraging sign that the Raiders brass have high value on Mumford and see him as a building block for the future. Despite being a seventh-round pick, he made an impact in all 17 games for the Las Vegas Raiders. He played a total of 370 snaps on offense and an additional 73 snaps on special teams.

While Munford did start four games at right tackle, his contributions extended beyond that role. The Raiders utilized him as a sixth offensive lineman in jumbo packages, which allowed them to add extra blocking power to their offensive line. This demonstrates Munford’s versatility and his ability to contribute in different formations and game situations.Those Rookie year snaps seem to foreshadow a much bigger role in the 2023 season.

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