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Power Ranking From The National Media The Raiders Being Disrespected AGAIN!

Every year there is a low ranked team that turns the tides and becomes a staple in any given season. As such, it appears that the Raiders are in prime position to do just that. Given the disrespect we have been receiving in varying Power Rankings, it is obvious that we are being severely overlooked and underestimated by multiple outlets and analysts across the sporting world. Let’s dive into the odds and see if we can’t pinpoint just how badly we are not being taken seriously and decipher the madness that Raider Nation continues to receive year in and year out.


Las Vegas Raiders – 23rd
Previous Pre Draft Ranking – 19th

Teams to notice:

Carolina Panthers – 22nd
Previous Pre Draft Ranking – 22nd RANKINGS :

Denver Broncos – 21st
Previous Pre Draft Ranking 23rd

Las Vegas Raiders – 27th
Previous Pre Draft Ranking – 29th

Teams to notice:

Atlanta Falcons – 17th
Previous Pre Draft Ranking – 17th

Denver Broncos – 20th
Previous Pre Draft Ranking – 21st


Las Vegas Raiders – 25th
Previous Pre Draft Ranking – 22nd

Teams to notice:

New Orleans Saints – 26th
Previous Pre Draft Ranking – 24th

Denver Broncos – 23rd
Previous Pre Draft Ranking – 28th

Why These Rankings Are Nonsense

In reviewing these rankings, there is one glaring issue I see with all of them and that is the Denver Broncos being ranked higher in every outlet, which is ridiculous to say the least. Not sure what people saw in the draft to give such a dramatic change to rankings (28th to 23rd in PFF and low 20’s in the others), but I didn’t see much of an improvement from last years roster to warrant such a lift for their team. Especially considering they had no 1st round pick due to sending that over to New Orleans for their previous head coach and they lost several top defensive players to trades, injuries and FA.

The NFC South Really……

Another thing to notice is the fact that we have two NFC South competitors who have much to prove and very young rosters ranked above us, which simply does not make any sense to me. Both the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons are fringe playoff teams at best, and that’s being generous. Not to mention one being ranked 17th, which tells me the writer must be a Falcons fan (no way they are top half of the league with the only big addition being Bijan Robinson). Both these teams have very young QB’s leading the helm and nowhere near the receiving threats or defensive line we have. Very interesting to see how they fair considering they will more than likely be taking a back seat to our previous QB and division dominant New Orleans Saints.

Obviously these ranking will change throughout the season, but it’s hard not to notice how much we are being disregarded in the mainstream media and by so called “analysts”. They definitely have not researched our roster in depth or taken into account some of the things that have only been teased and not seen. There is no way this roster will be bottom 20’s to end this season. None the less, no time like the present to shake the shift and move steadily up these rankings, and this weekends game against the Broncos gives us the perfect opportunity to prove the doubters wrong. Here’s to a great start to the season, let’s kick it off with a good old fashioned whoopin’ on our division rival in their own territory.

Game Prediction : Raiders 31 – Broncos 17

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