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Why Chandler Jones Isn’t the Only One With Issues

Trash Journalism Running Rampant In Raider Nation!

Tensions have escalated again between the Las Vegas Raiders and their standout pass rusher, Chandler Jones, in recent times. This pinnacled in a wild and confusing outburst from Jones on social media, targeting a myriad of individuals within the Raiders organization on Wednesday night.

This saga unfolded on Tuesday morning when Jones took to his Instagram account to unleash a peculiar rant directed at McDaniels and Las Vegas general manager Dave Ziegler. However, the post was swiftly deleted, leaving only traces of a tumultuous situation.

Round Two…

But it didn’t end there either. Wednesday night brought another round of social media activity from Jones. This time, he shared a picture that seemed to display the badge of a member from the Las Vegas Crisis Response Team, suggesting that the team had sent them to his residence. Adding to the chaos, the ex-Patriots first-round pick of 2012 also posted screenshots of a supposed conversation between himself and McDaniels. This exchange seemingly took place in the middle of August when Jones was absent from training camp due to an injury. Furthermore, he expressed his confusion and frustration through posts questioning why he wasn’t with the team, despite being away from it for the past two days. “Can someone please interview them and find out why I’m not with the team?” Jones pleaded. “Because I honestly have no idea.”

McDaniels Keeping Things In 🏠

Las Vegas head coach Josh McDaniels, being cautious with his words, revealed little about the situation surrounding the high-profile defensive end. McDaniels expressed that the team is handling the matter with patience, taking each day as it comes. Consequently, Jones’ availability for Sunday’s crucial regular-season opener against the Denver Broncos remains uncertain, at best. McDaniels has made the wise choice to keep things in-house.

Over the past few days, Jones has taken to Instagram to express his growing discontent with the Raiders. These posts indicated to his frustrations with head coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler. However, these belligerent social media posts have since been removed. Jones behavior has been irrational and has caused concern to many.

He also threatened to disclose unspecified information on Las Vegas coach Josh McDaniels if Jones doesn’t play Sunday when the Raiders open their season at the Denver Broncos.

Shaping a Narrative

With Things becoming public knowledge the media narratives are becoming less and less about Jones’ well-being and more about how the Raiders somehow dropped the ball. Mental health isn’t something to take lightly Conversely, neither is irresponsible journalism based on bias and narrative.

Late this off-season Jones was absent from the team for quite a while. The reasons behind Jones’ absence were unclear, leaving everyone in the dark about the situation, and whether he made the decision himself or was instructed to stay away by the organization but now with recent events we are seeing this is a dire situation and the raiders are trying to get Jones the help he needs. Dr.Heather Thanpohn was sent to reach out to help Jones and was met with resistance according to Jones,This is beyond whether Jones can play this is more about getting Chandler Jones set on a productive path to mental health or fixing whatever issue he having with the organization personal or otherwise .

What we know

As of now, I’m fairly certain Jones will not be present with the team for their upcoming game against Denver or thereafter. But this situation has now become secondary.This is more about the human being. Chandler Jones had issues in the past with his mental health. I’m not certain this is currently the case but all signs point to that being a distinct possibility.

Trash Journalism Running Wild?

Surprisingly there have been some stong takes by several pundits of Raider Nation and it needs to be called out. Chandler Jones has struggled like this previously think back to 2016 when Jones showed up at the Foxboro Police station shirtless and non-confrontational one week before the Patriots’ AFC divisional-round playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs that January. He reportedly was hospitalized for a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. This led most to surmise it was the reason the Patriots traded Jones to Arizona. So there is history of Jones having issues and People are using this unfortunate situation to make this an indictment of Josh McDaniels and David Ziegler to further their own narrative, in which the current regime is unfit and the Raiders organization is some perpetual dumpster fire. But to the contrary, the way the organization has handled this situation so far should be commended.

What Now for Jones and The Raiders?

As more information comes out we as a fan base will have to judge what was or was not done properly. Ultimately what should be at the forefront of our thoughts is praying for the best for Jones and not gaslighting fans with negativity and sudo investigative journalism. While there are some who may never accept this front office because of the fact they traded a beloved figure to some this offseason. My question is, is their support of this team that fragile? People claim they love this team one thing is for certain they have a funny way of showing it…

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    September 9, 2023 at 10:49 am

    I was excited for Jones leadership for our young guy Tyree. Sad situation.

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