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Breaking: Marquette King Alleges Raiders Let Him Go After Playfully Giving the Owner Mark Davis ‘a noogie’ In The Presence of Two Women

If you had former Raiders Punter Marquette King giving Mark Davis ‘a noogie’ on your Raiders bingo card, then you are an automatic winner. This is exactly what ensued, according to King. On the OAKLOSVEGAS Podcast, Marquette King shared an interesting story about Mark Davis during a Raiders road trip, where he believes is the reason for his eventual release.

“I never met the guy before. I never talked to him. I tried to reach out to Rich Bisaccia, he left me on read… Any time I get a new coach, I try to reach out to him, get to know him, but I never got a chance to meet any of them. I never got a chance to talk to any of them. It was just the weirdest thing ever. It actually kind of hurt. It felt like a loss.”

“Raiders felt like home. That was home. Staying in the bay was home. Wearing those colors, I couldn’t see myself wearing any other colors. I honestly should’ve took a year off. I was just so scarred from that, man. Feeling like somebody just has a motive behind just letting you go.
I honestly don’t understand. I think it was hate. That’s what I feel like. That’s the only way you can be like that towards somebody if you never met them. I don’t know, some people just got hate in their heart.”

-Marquette King on the OAKLOSVEGAS Podcast

The Broncos eagerly welcomed King into their fold, offering him a three-year contract mere days after his departure from the Raiders. However, his time in Denver never took flight as anticipated. The disappointing outcome led to his release in 2018, effectively putting an end to his NFL journey.


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